Prof. Dr. Bernd Sures

Universität Duisburg-Essen
Fakultät für Biologie
Aquatische Ökologie

Beteiligung in den Forschungsfeldern


  • Urbane Biodiversität
  • Urbane Schadstoffe
  • Urbane Gewässer
  • Parasiten

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Ruchter, N.; Sures, B. (2015): Distribution of Pt and other traffic related metals in sediments and clams (Corbicula sp.). In: Water Research 70: 313-324.

Grabner, D.; Weigand, A.M.; Leese, F.; Winking, C.; Hering, D.; Tollrian, R.; Sures, B. (2015): Invaders, natives and their enemies: distribution patterns of amphipods and their microsporidian parasites in the Ruhr Metropolis, Germany. In: Parasites and Vectors 8: 419.

Selbach, C., Soldánová, M., Sures, B. (2016): Estimating the risk of swimmer’s itch in surface waters – a case study from Lake Baldeney, the Ruhr River. In: International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health 219: 693–699.

Soldánová, M.; Selbach, C.; Sures, B.; Kostadinova, A.; Perez-del-Olmo, A. (2010): Larval trematode communities in Radix auricularia and Lymnaea stagnalis in a reservoir system of the Ruhr River. In: Parasites and Vectors 3: 56.

Winking, C.; Lorenz, A.W.; Sures, B.; Hering, D. (2016): Succession of benthic invertebrate assemblages in restored former sewage channels. In: Aquatic Sciences 78: 683–694.