Prof. Dr. Dominik Begerow

Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Fakultät für Biologie und Biotechnologie

Beteiligung in den Forschungsfeldern


  • molecular biodiversity
  • fungal communities
  • plant parasites
  • human impact on biodiversity
  • species loss

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Röhl O, Peršoh D, Mittelbach M, Elbrecht V, Brachmann A, Nuy J, Boenigk J, Leese F, Begerow D (2017) Distinct sensitivity of fungal freshwater guilds to water quality. Mycological Progress Mycol Prog 1–15.

Röhl, O., Graupner, N., Peršoh, D. et al. (2018) Flooding Duration Affects the Structure of Terrestrial and Aquatic Microbial Eukaryotic Communities. Microb Ecol 75: 875.

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Prior R, Mittelbach M, Begerow D (2017) Impact of three different fungicides on fungal epiand endophytic communities of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) and broad bean (Vicia faba) JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND HEALTH, PART B 2017, VOL. 52.

Mittelbach M, Yurkov AM, Stoll R, Begerow D (2016) Inoculation order of nectar-borne yeasts opens a door for transient species and changes nectar rewarded to pollinators. Fungal Ecology 22: 90-97.