KoMet Award Jury has made its decision! Congratulations! Leah Blank and Timo Haselhoff are the winners

Leah Blank's award-winning Master's Thesis is entitled "The role of cultural ecosystem services in the planning of urban tiny forests - a case study of the Eltingviertel in Essen". It takes an inter- and transdisciplinary urban development perspective. The special value of the work is not only the taking up of cultural ecosystem services in the district, but also the valorization of the associated diverse connections for participatory ecological urban development. The work is supervised by Dr. Klaus Krumme and Paul Hendricksen (both UDE).

Timo Haselhoff won the KoMet award with his dissertation “The Acoustic Environment: A New Perspective in Urban Public Health. “Solutions for quantifying multi-dimensional and high-resolution audio data in diverse urban areas”. His analysis of the urban acoustic environment is an innovative and forward-looking research approach. Previous studies on the connection between acoustic quality and health have been limited to noise and excluded other qualities of the background noise. However, especially in connection with the discussed (re)densification of cities, a deep understanding of the connections between health and acoustics is necessary in order to enable health-promoting design. The dissertation was submitted to the Medical Faculty of the University of Duisburg-Essen. The supervisors are Prof. Dr. Susanne Moebus (UDE), Prof. Dr. Christian Albert (University of Hanover) and Prof. Dr. Michael Scherer-Lorenzen (University of Freiburg).

We congratulate both of them on the KoMet sponsorship award 2024 for outstanding dissertations and master's theses in the field of metropolitan research. This year too, the works will be presented and awarded at the KoMet Day (December 6th, 2024).


The prizes are supported by the Emschergenossenschaft. We thank you for this generous support!