The competence field “Metropolitan Research” is a network made up of diverse institutions and academics.
It is a cooperation project between the three universities situated in the Ruhr Valley who have joined together to form the UA Ruhr: the Ruhr-University Bochum, the Technical University of Dortmund and the University of Duisburg-Essen.


The three coordinators are academics from each of the three universities who initiated and conceptualized the competence field. They have assumed the central functions of strategically developing and publicly representing the competence field “Metropolitan Research”.

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Coordination Office

The coordination of the competence field is supported by a coordination office. The staff of the office fulfill the role of contact partners at each of the three universities and assume the role of organizers of the research fields.

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Steering Committee

The strategic orientation of the competence field “Metropolitan Research” is defined by a steering committee, which consists of 5 members from each of the universities involved. The pertinent coordinators of each research field are also involved in the extended steering committee.

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In total, approx. 100 academics from the three Ruhr universities are involved in the trans- and interdisciplinary work of the 8 research fields in metropolitan research.

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Postgraduate Network

The postgraduate network is composed of those UA Ruhr PhD candidates and postdocs who examine transformation processes in metropolitan areas and foster inter- and transdisciplinary exchange.

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The UA Ruhr universities are represented in the competence field by several teaching institutes. In addition, relevant academic institutes from each of the universities are also involved in the competence field “Metropolitan Research”.

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The competence field “Metropolitan Research” cooperates with a series of well-known academic and commercial institutions, who are situated in the Ruhr Valley as well as active all over the world.

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In the form of start-up support, the competence field “Metropolitan Research” received financial backing from the Stiftung Mercator. As a consequence, the coordination office was established.

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