Urban Ecosystems

Cities are complex ecosystems that are marked by rapidly increasing strains, pressure for utilization, compartmentalization and a significant proportion of invasive species. The research field Urban Ecosystems examines the impact of “Green Infrastructure” (for example parks, roadside greenery) and “Blue Infrastructure” (for example urban bodies of water) on composition and functions of urban ecosystems and communities.


  • What are the key habitats of the urban ecosystem matrix? Are there tipping points beyond which ecosystemic functions collapse?
  • What impact do the renaturalization measures of urban bodies of water (for example in relation to the Emscher Conversion) have on communities and the functions of urban ecosystems?
  • What are the correlations between ecosystem health and human health?
  • Which patterns of distribution and dispersion do invasive species exhibit and what do they depend on?

For further information or if you are interested in collaborating with the research field Urban Ecosystems, please feel free to contact Dr. Elke Hochmuth from our coordination office, who supports this research field.