'Interspaces': an innovative approach to explore urban structures

At the Bibliotheca Hertziana in Rome (Max Planck Institute) in June 2018 Prof. Dr. Christof Berns (Institute for Archaeological Sciences, RUB) and Prof. Dr. Cornelia Jöchner (Institute for Art History, RUB) presented their initiative for an international collaborative research on interspaces. Also involved was the German Archaeological Institute, Rome. Berns and Jöchner pointed out that urban spaces are traditionally characterized by the search for ideality, e.g. through the identification of individual monuments or the dominance of planning. On the other hand, hardly any scientific adjustments are made to planning, unplanned phenomena, "counter spaces" and the often politically elimination of interspaces. With the interlocutors in Rome, the initiative for an international conference at the RUB in 2019 was arranged, which pursues such issues in an interdisciplinary framework.