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Ruhr Lecture 2023/24: The Ruhr Region - A Metropolis in Transformation

This winter semester 2023/24, the Ruhr Lecture with the topic The Ruhr Region - A Metropolis in Transformation will deal with challenges arising (or having arisen) from processes of change from a variety of perspectives and across disciplines in the Ruhr Region.

The English-language Ruhr Lecture will take place in purely virtually, on selected seven Mondays (always from 4 to 7 p.m.) during the lecture period. Access data will be available from October 2023 via metropolenforschung_at_uaruhr.de .

The program is as follows:

October 30, 2023
What ever should you know about Strukturwandel? – How to Narrate the Transformation of the Ruhr Region for Scholars not Capable of Reading German: Prof. Dr. Stefan Berger (Institute for Social Movements, RUB)
Nostalgia and Melancholia as Moods and Modes of Dealing with Neighborhood Change: Prof. Dr. Susanne Frank (Department of Spatial Planning, Urban and Regional Sociology, TU DO)

November 13, 2023
Structural Change in the Ruhr: From Manufacturing to Knowledge-based Economy?: Prof. Dr. Matthias Kiese (Institute of Geography, RUB)
Hydrogen instead of Coal: Hopes and Doubts: Prof. Dr. Michael Roos (Faculty of Management and Economics, RUB)

November 27, 2023
Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change: Prof. Dr. Stefan Greiving (Department of Spatial Planning, TU DO)
Climate and Air Quality of the Ruhr Region in the course of the Time: Prof. i.R. Dr. Wilhelm Kuttler (formerly Faculty of Biology, UDE)

January 08, 2024
Regional Governance (Working Title): Prof. Dr. Karsten Zimmermann (Department of Spatial Planning, European Planning Cultures, TU DO) and Prof. Gerardo Silva (Universität UFABC, Sao Paulo)

January 15, 2024
Narrative Strategies and Strategic Narratives in Postindustrial Urban Transformations: Prof. Dr. Barbara Buchenau (Faculty of Humanities, UDE) and Prof. Dr. Jens Martin Gurr (Faculty of Humanities, UDE)

January 22, 2024
Environmental Justice: An Approach to Urban Health in the Ruhr: Prof. Dr. Heike Köckler (Hochschule für Gesundheit, Bochum)
Climate Change and Urban Public Health - Driving Forces for Shaping a Sustainable and Healthy Future?: Prof. Dr. Susanne Moebus (Institute for Urban Public Health (InUPH), UDE)

January 29, 2024
Land Use Change, Policy and Governance in the Ruhr Region: Prof. Dr. Stefan Siedentop (Department of Spatial Planning, Urban Development,  TU DO)
Town, Country or Town-Country? Architecture and Urban Design in the Ruhr Region: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sonne (Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, TU DO)


Tentative Agenda of the 5th KoMet-Day Transformative Science – What role do reallabs have?

The tentative agenda is only available in German. The conference language on the 5th KoMet day is German.

SAVE THE DATE: 5th KoMet-Tag on December 7, 2023 - Urban Transformation (Working Title)

Please save the date for the 5th KoMet-Tag: The event will take place on December 7th, 2023.

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