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Find out about upcoming dates and events within the Competence Field Metropolitan Research.

Upcoming Events

CALL FOR PROPOSALS (Deadline March 15th, 2024) 6th KoMet-Tag 2024 - Collection of ideas on the guiding topic of KoMet "Sustainable Transformation of Metropolitan Areas"

Are you interested in designing and organizing the KoMet-Tag 2024 on a topic that addresses the research focus "Sustainable Transformation of Metropolitan Areas"?

Then you are cordially invited to submit a topic proposal including an outline of ideas for the format of the event and potential speakers. If selected, you would go on to design and organize the event, whereby the KoMet office would take over the promotion of the event via the homepage and other channels, the organization of the premises and catering as well as the financial handling.

We would be very pleased to receive your proposal by March 1, 2024 via email (metropolenforschung_at_uaruhr.de)!

Based on the proposals submitted, we will decide on this year's KoMet-Tag together with the Emschergenossenschaft and provide you with feedback in a timely manner.

Whether your project is still in its very early stages or has already been implemented, you are very welcome to take part in our CALL FOR ABSTRACTS.


KoMet Day 2024 will again be financially supported by the Emschergenossenschaft and the NRW.BANK. Thank you!

KoMet AWARD for Outstanding Doctoral Theses and Master Theses in the Field of Metropolitan Research Please submit your proposals by April 30th!

The competence field “Metropolitan Research” (KoMet) in the University Alliance Ruhr and the Emscher Association for the third time call for nominations for the KoMet Award. The Award honours outstanding doctoral dissertations and master theses which, with regard to the Ruhr Metropolis engage with the transformation of metropolitan spaces.

You can find more information on our entry Homepage!

The prize money is provided by the Emschergenossenschaft. We would like to thank the Emschergenossenschaft for this support!

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