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Upcoming Events

Ruhr Lecture 20/21 - "Key Issues in Metropolitan Research - Insights into Current Activities”

This time, the Ruhr Lecture will be focused on the research fields of the Competence Field Metropolitan Research (KoMet) of the University Alliance RUHR. Thus, the topic of the Ruhr Lecture in the winter semester 2020/21 is "Key Issues in Metropolitan Research - Insights into Current Activities”. As always, the lecture series will be held in English.

The lectures will take place every Monday from 4pm to 7pm on the following dates:
09.11.2020; KoMet Research Field "Transformative Governance and Participation"
16.11.2020; KoMet Research Field "Urban Forms, Society and Culture"
30.11.2020; KoMet Research Field "Mobility and Logistics"
07.12.2020; KoMet Research Field "Urban Health"
21.12.2020; KoMet Research Field "Knowledge Metropolises"
18.01.2021; KoMet-Research Field "Urban Ecosystems"
25.01.2021; KoMet Research Field "Resilient Infrastructures"

Due to COVID19 situation, the lecture series will have an online format. Students and other interested parties will receive the access data for this via the KoMet-office (metropolenforschung_at_uaruhr.de) after registration by email for the lecture series.

Since 2013, the RUHR LECTURE has been organized by the Institute of Geography at Ruhr-University Bochum and the Faculty of Spatial Planning at TU Dortmund University. They are now joined by the Joint Center "Urban Systems" at the University of Duisburg-Essen. As of the winter term 2016/17, the RUHR LECTURE is organized by the Competence Field „Metropolitan Research“ of the University Alliance Ruhr (UAR).

Program Ruhr Lecture 20/21   (1.3 MB)

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